Photos of the garlic country wanted!

Dear Fürth,
Dear citizens of Knoblauchsland,

with the newly built “HOTEL GRÜNE ELSTER” we implemented a particularly ambitious concept. Among many other important things, such as sound insulation and individual room ventilation, we will generate about 70,000 KWh of green electricity via our PV system. Overall, we are extremely pleased that our technical and ecological concept has worked out. The comfort exceeds even our own expectations.

Together with Wildner Designer, we have now developed a concept of comfort for a unique recognition feature.

Since magpies are believed to be among the most intelligent birds, we want to learn from them. That’s why we used the Green Elster logo for the complete facade design. Now the entire hotel building is the “Green Magpie”. From the large panoramic terrace, the Green Elster offers a fantastic view over the adjacent Knoblauchsland. In addition, the property is located directly on the Poppenreuther Landgraben nature reserve, which is home to many bird species – including the native magpie, of course. (The bird “Green Magpie” is otherwise predominantly at home on the Iberian Peninsula).

We would now like to enhance this great starting position with interesting shots of Knoblauchsland. From these authentic photos from the direct environment of our hotel, we have large-scale digital prints made. An example is shown in the header.

Please send us current picture material or also historical scenes!
Imaginable are pure landscape shots with vegetable cultivation, but also buildings, agricultural equipment and work, people and animals.

If possible, please send us your image proposals as preview files by e-mail in advance. Or just give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities.

As a thank you for a use we offer you: The naming as the author and/or vouchers for an overnight stay at the HOTEL GRÜNE ELSTER.

It would be great to be allowed to form what is sure to be a special bond with you!

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