The Green Magpie wants to show that with modern automation technology and an ecological concept, a sustainable maximum comfort can be achieved.

Climate Management

Each room is equipped with a decentralized ventilation system with many advantages. The room is permanently supplied with the required amount of outside air and the same amount of exhaust air is discharged in parallel – regardless of whether it is summer or winter, day or night, and it is also extremely quiet. Fine dust, pollen, pollutants and insects are kept away. The respiratory tract remains clear and you enjoy quiet nights and days – hygienic room ventilation.

With high heat recovery, the system makes an active contribution to climate protection. In summer, the ventilation takes the pleasantly cool night air and brings it into the room. The annoying duty of opening windows is completely eliminated. The noticeably better air quality thus ensures a high level of comfort. The 8 integrated sensors immediately detect changes in air quality and optimize the air supply for a healthy indoor climate – this concerns both theCO2 content, the optimal humidity and the temperature.

Hotel climate management

Room heating

The rooms are heated via so-called “climate panels”. In the ceiling of the room there is a special capillary system for hot water. This makes the ceiling of the room in the effect of a large area infrared heating. The heat is particularly pleasant , because it emits a radiant energy , like rays of the sun.

Thus, there is no circulation air currents in the room, as it would be with convection heating. So no dust is swirled either.
The bathroom has underfloor heating and a separate infrared heater in the mirror.

View roof terrace from Hotel Grüne Elster in Fürth

Panoramic terrace

The panoramic terrace is available to all guests between 07:00 and 23:30 for relaxation and recreation. Thus, the stay can be made even more pleasant than in the room.

Access with PIN code

In order for the guest to enter the hotel, he will receive a 4-digit short code and a long code by e-mail before arrival.

There is a corresponding PIN code box on the entrance door. The short code can be entered there from 16:00 . It is very important that this is confirmed with the check mark “√”. Now the entrance door can be opened.

The long code is entered once at the booked room. Confirm with “√”. Now the room door can be opened. From now on, the long code is no longer needed and only the short code is used for the doors. From 11:00 on the day of departure the numerical codes lose the access authorization.

Security system in the entrance area of the Hotel Grüne Elster in Fürth

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