We have imposed the highest standards of hygiene on ourselves. This applies not only to cleanliness, but also the sound, air purity and low-dust heating wants to be planned. The guest should be able to feel good all around. A highlight of the hotel is also the quietly located viewing and relaxation terrace.

Your advantages

  • Receptionless
  • No unnecessary contact encounters
  • Access with PIN code
  • Individual ventilation concept
  • Panoramic terrace instead of only room stay
  • Keeping your distance is always possible!
View roof terrace from Hotel Grüne Elster in Fürth

Green Cleaning – Cleanliness at the highest level

  • Perfect cleanliness without residues
  • No exposure to detergent chemicals
  • No plastic waste from cleaning containers
  • No allergic reactions for guest and staff
  • Reduction of water and sewerage costs

The way of cleaning is not new. It’s also no secret. We just tried it, against all learned cleaning methods. We clean with a special steam with a professional device.

At over 182 °C and over 9 bar pressure, saturated steam with only 5 % water content is produced, which penetrates into the smallest microstructures on surfaces. This dissolves even the most stubborn dirt and achieves the best cleaning results on all surfaces without leaving any residue.

After steaming, the dirt thus dissolved is completely absorbed with microfiber cloths. This restores all surfaces to their new condition without leaving any residue. (In contrast, if chemical cleaners were used, residual dirt would always remain in the dry film, even if the surface appeared clean).

If you want to learn more about innovative cleaning, we will be happy to provide you with detailed information. We are convinced that many more millions of people will follow the concept.

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