Why are we not visible on
We give you an interesting look behind the scenes.

The hotel was planned before the pandemic and now in operation during the pandemic. In order to increase the visibility of the innovative hotel worldwide, there is actually no way around the platform of the market leader “”. The Dutch company has achieved a unique market position.
Quickly and professionally we had the opportunity to register on the platform and also become visible. The bookings for the hotel increased by leaps and bounds, knowing full well that of course a percentage of our hotel price has to be paid to Booking as commission. But we think that’s fair, because the visibility has to be worth it.
However, after a few weeks we were surprised that put us on the status “Closed/not bookable” status.
We were informed by Booking in the small print that we are subject to a “location verification” are subject to verification.

This procedure of determining whether our hotel really exists in the real world and is not a fake should take up to 10 days… Unfortunately, we are already blocked for almost 2 months and can only ever receive letters of apology and regret from Booking that the “site verification team” is obviously overloaded. So every day we hope to at least regain a higher public profile in the difficult times of the pandemic.

Thus, at least this report should help to give hope to the companies particularly suffering from the pandemic, in solidarity to persevere. Everyone has to carry their own, albeit different, baggage.

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