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In earlier times in the garlic country was also grown a lot of pumpkin. In 2011, the well-known photographer Gerd Axmann discovered the intermediate pumpkin storage in an old tobacco hut, coming from Mannhof, across the railroad crossing, on the right side. Likewise in 2011, in the small picture you can see how the pumpkins were harvested and stacked for removal. From the view at the swallow count ditch.
In 2009 Mr. Axmann was allowed to photograph the wonderful pumpkin collage in the center of Herboldshof in the estate of the Höfler family, coming from Mannhof on the left side. All pumpkins are painted by the family itself. The sale then takes place in the farm store.
The winter mood was created standing next to Alte Reuthstraße in the direction of Höfles.

Of course, in Garlic Country there are very many farms and vegetable farms. Accordingly, there is also the name Höfler often represented. In the village Höfles Mrs. Erika Höfler has given me a youth picture with cucumber. She also lives on Höfleser Hauptstraße and runs a vegetable farm there with her husband.

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