Thank you!

The Green Elster Hotel was built in the height of the pandemic. As a special thanks for this feat, all the helpers and friends involved in the project were invited and appreciated.

In the difficult time of caution and distance, we have moved closer together and stuck together. Even new friendships have grown during the construction period. Even when material became scarce on the world market at the end of the construction period, there were always new solutions with united support. The result is impressive.

The Green Elster dominates already on the facade with a design worth seeing. The sophisticated composition in the realized automation technology has now proven after a good year of operation that the planned concept actually works. Without the use of fossil fuels, the hotel is operated cost-effectively with green energy.

Receptionless with individual access codes, guests enjoy the modern implementation and are delighted by the fresh air and extreme cleanliness throughout the building. Currently, work is underway to provide written documentation of the scalable and customizable technology. All municipalities in Germany should be able to learn about this “pilot project” and benefit from all the findings. With this claim, the architect and builder are very happy to continue to answer all interested parties. It should also be mentioned that the entire interior of the hotel was dedicated to the garlic country.

With great pictures history and present are presented. This alone is worth a visit.

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